By the River Wensum

By the River Wensum

By Andrew Waterman

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ISBN: 978 1 907356 99 5

The River Wensum winding through Norwich is the setting for the poignant meditation on the uniqueness of each life which is the title- poem of Andrew Waterman’s new book. This stretch of river recurs in varying thematic contexts, but the poems range far in time and space, from the Ice Age and classical antiquity to Nazi atrocity, current issues and an imagined hereafter. Several poems reinhabit personal experience and childhood memories, but there are many lives here other than the poet’s own. There is intense lyricism and vivid narrative, with much humour along the way.

Of Andrew Waterman’s Collected Poems (2000) Marita Over wrote in Ambit: ‘The “story” that emerges is moving and inspiring and the craftsmanship in its telling is superb. His work, even as it explores the darkest themes, brims with a vitality and an in-spite-of-itself optimism born of a keen eye and ear for what is beautiful.’

Of his subsequent The Captain’s Swallow (2007) The Guardian said, ‘Fishing boats and patron saints form just one aspect of a picture that also includes provincial elections, Juventus matches, mopeds and mobiles – and the poetry is the richer for it. There is a continuity here that seduces both poet and reader.’Cover photograph by Rory Waterman