Heartland Germany

Heartland Germany

By Edward Mackinnon

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ISBN: 978 1 907356 77 3

What harm did prison do his art
much worse was the defeat of the heart

The first half of Heartland Germany, Edward Mackinnon’s third Shoestring collection, explores German discord and divisions, moving from the personal to the political plane and tracing a path from nineteenth-century literary figures like Kleist, Büchner and Heine to the Cold War. The themes are counterpointed by the author’s translations of poems by Rilke, Volker Braun, Karl Mickel, Thomas Brasch and Ernst Jandl.

The second half of the collection takes the reader on a journey through a closer-to-home contemporary world in which security is often no less fleeting and where the humorous and the elegiac are never far apart.

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