By John Mole

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ISBN: 978 1 907356 89 6

Treatment is a sequence of poems which monitors a personal response to a course of chemotherapy:

“Medicine’s technology has limits – be it the scanners looking into patients or the intravenous line administering drugs. How necessary then to have John Mole’s poetry stunningly illuminate the human experience of illness beyond the reach of any scanner, and to receive his ‘new line straight from the heart’. Meditative, revelatory and humbling, in a health service struggling to care, this is required reading for all health professionals.” – Dr Sam Guglani, Consultant Oncologist & Curator, Medicine Unboxed

From reviews of The Point of Loss

“Mole’s poems combine toughness with  tenderness. A journey through his dazzling collection reminds us that poems can not only dance, but fly, in space, through time” – Alison Brackenbury, Poetry Review

“Mole slips humour, nostalgia, pain and shock effortlessly into immensely readable ‘traditional’ poems.” – Alan Brownjohn, The Sunday Times