Kinda Keats: Poems on Keats House

Kinda Keats: Poems on Keats House

By Deborah Tyler-Bennett

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978 1 907356 90 2

A residency at Keats House, Hampstead, inspired many of the poems found in Kinda Keats.

“The singing speech of Deborah Tyler-Bennett’s engaging ‘poetry portraits’ summons Mytton, an eccentric squire born in the eighteenth century, Dyer, a Cumbrian singer born in the nineteenth, and ‘Sweet Billy Gibson’, her great-grandfather, who lived in the first half of the twentieth. Her ballad endings have a crisp finality.” Alison Brackenbury, PN Review

“Incorporating an accomplished range of poetic forms, and marked by a consistent poetic voice.” Nikolai Duffy, Sphinx