The Thousand-Year Minutes

The Thousand-Year Minutes

By Eugene Dubnov, translated by Anne Stevenson

Price: £10.00

ISBN: 978 1 907356 74 2

“Over thirty years ago, when Eugene Dubnov was mulling over a doctoral thesis on Mandelstam, I first read his poetry, and was astonished that such a genuine talent was subordinating itself to analysing others’ talents. But a Russian poet in post-Soviet space or exile has few of the paths to recognition available to an earlier generation – being imprisoned, shot or deported. At last, however, we have Dubnov at his best, and with each poem beautifully mirrored in English, too. It is still clear that he is an heir to Mandelstam (and to Joseph Brodsky, as well), but his is an original voice, moulding the Russian language with finesse and sensitivity.” – Professor Donald Rayfield, University of London

“Rich in texture, poignant, subtle, and beautifully made, the poems of  Eugene Dubnov are long overdue for a collection in English.  At home in several cultures, Dubnov is a true original.” – X.J. Kennedy

“unceasing thinking process and meaningfulness… mastery of language… similes and metaphors in Eugene Dubnov’s poetry please the eye with their freshness and precision.” – The New Review (New York)

“Eugene Dubnov’s poetry is remarkable for its tight structure and dense, complex texture.” – W.D. Snodgrass