A Man and an Angel

A Man and an Angel

By Toon Tellegen

Translated by Judith Wilkinson

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978-1-907356-73-5

In this new collection by the internationally acclaimed Dutch poet Toon Tellegen, the poems enact a battle between a man and an angel, a never-ending fight that is difficult to quantify and yet seems instantly familiar. We witness man under pressure, wrestling with something primal: a volatile, temperamental spirit that is both a plague and a challenge. In the see-sawing dynamics of each encounter, worthy of the best absurdist theatre, Tellegen stays close to the pulse of the emotion, evoking the turbulence of an intimate struggle, where man and angel become interdependent. In the Netherlands, critics have praised the collection as one of Tellegen’s very finest, and the book was reprinted soon after its first publication.

‘His complex, often surreal and always highly affecting poems exhibit an understanding of the power of the story in which the dream-like psychology… set[s] him apart as an entirely distinctive voice in European poetry.’ – Sasha Dugdale and Jane Draycott, Popescu Prize judges, on Tellegen’s Raptors

‘Just when you think you’ve got the measure of the poem, Tellegen somersaults over your hand and off the page. His beautiful reversals and abrupt tempo shifts point back to a beginning, a new start, a fresh view, and the pace and elastic play of Wilkinson’s English compel us to want to re-read a book we’re still in the process of reading.’ – George Messo on Tellegen’s Raptors