Flip Side to Philip Larkin

Flip Side to Philip Larkin

By Maurice Rutherford

Price: £5.00

ISBN: 978 1 907356 61 2

The poems of Maurice Rutherford’s Flip Side confront a number of well-known poems by Hull’s most famous poet, Philip Larkin. Though occasionally making use of Larkin’s own forms, the poems are in no sense mimicry or pastiche. Instead, while acknowledging the genius of the originals, they engage, ruefully, wittily, quizzically, with the voice of a poet Rutherford calls, tongue-in-cheek, “Old Bikeclips with the size 12 Oxfords.” The result, as Charles Causley remarked of Rutherford’s 1989 collection, This Day Dawning, is poetry “sure, wide-ranging, very moving and arresting, as well as often being very funny.”

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