Swallowing Stones

Swallowing Stones

By Carole Coates

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ISBN: 978 1 907356 53 7

96 pages

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Swallowing Stones is Carole Coates’s third collection.  In this narrative, set in the far-off, imaginary, but very real country of Kor, she explores the relation between individuals and the culture in which they have to live, through a range of different voices, incidents and landscapes.

“Carole Coates is a fine poet with a novelist’s eye.  In Swallowing Stones she creates an utterly convincing world and peoples it with vivid characters whose voices – sometimes shocking, sometimes lyrical, always perfectly judged – are woven together in this powerful and moving sequence.” Elizabeth Burns

“I have never read anything like it.  It is an outstanding combination of imagination and intellect.” Neil Curry

“I thought it an immense creative and technical achievement to simultaneously render those varied voices so convincingly while also evoking the landscape and culture which enveloped them.” Richard Francis

“The world Coates creates is coherent, plausible and quite terrifying, and her characters are convincing.  The sequence is beautifully constructed, and the events unfold with an awful inevitabilty; Coates has really found her form here.” Hilary Menos