An Island at War

An Island at War

By Argyris Fortounas

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172 pages

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Translated from Greek by Louisa O’Brien

An Island at War, published in Greek under the title My Recollections, Aegina 1941-1944, is the vivid memoir of a young man who finds himself recruited to act as interpreter for the occupying German forces on the island of Aegina during the Second World War. A pupil at the German School in Athens during the latter half of the 1930s, Argyris Fortounas spoke and wrote German fluently. Enlisted as a go-between, Fortounas soon became trusted equally by the Germans and by his fellow islanders. His account of this difficult and dangerous period of his life, ranging from the comic to the tragic, and including portraits of heroes as well as villains, makes for a narrative as enthralling as it is richly informative.