Getting On

Getting On

By Alexis Lykiard

Price: £9.99

ISBN: 978 1 907356 46 9

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Getting On is a big, strong, clever book, full of bright wit and dexterously crafted poems.” – Andy Croft, Morning Star

“This book is an addition to Lykiard’s remarkable contribution to literature and reveals that at over seventy his powers remain extraordinary.” – Alan Dent, Penniless Press

“When the invective hits the fan Alexis takes no prisoners. For readers with strong stomachs and a taste for Rabelaisian scatology there is a groaning table of pungent scurrility here…. Vitality and sparkling intelligence.” – Catherine Eisner

“Few can doubt Lykiard’s sheer linguistic gusto…. One feels from Lykiard’s muscularly sensual and richly nourishing verse that here yet, in spite of age, writes a poet in his prime – and it’s a ‘prime’ which is as potent as it is prolific.” – Alan Morrison, The Recusant

“A brilliant collection.” – Barry Cole, Ambit