A Fox Assisted Cure

A Fox Assisted Cure

By Kate Foley

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ISBN: 978 1 907356 34 6

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Kate Foley was born in London and now lives mostly in Amsterdam but often in Suffolk.

Her poetry sometimes takes a narrative turn. This is a story about different kinds of freedom and imprisonment. Fox is a wild creature, trapped. So, in her way, is the child Anna in her wheelchair. Nor are the adults free from the traps of grown-up hypocrisy, scientific shibboleth and quackery. How they struggle – and sometimes succeed – in getting out of their snares, is the backbone of the poem.

Of an earlier collection UA Fanthorpe said “…nothing is just what it seems and everything is deeper than you thought…”

Of A Fox Assisted Cure
A Fox Assisted Cure is at once intensely comic and sad, the characters each so strong, yet so vulnerable. It’s hard to know – including Fox – whose company to enjoy the most or whose predicament to have most sympathy with. The whole thing whisks along… and Foley’s linguistic acrobatics are an absolute joy.” Anne Stewart, Poetry p f

“quirky but humorous narrative… leaves a long aftertaste.” Donald Gardner, Ambit

“a wonderful narrative poem… the skillful use of language and rhythm make it poetry… brilliant characterisation.” Rachel Playforth, The Frogmore Papers