Devil Among the Tailors

Devil Among the Tailors

By Simon Curtis

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ISBN: 978 1 907356 42 1

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Simon Curtis hopes readers will enjoy these poems, with their formalist bias and clarity.  Themes range from a shopping mall busker playing a tune Hardy knew, to the recent banking crisis, schooldays’ Latin, the Hale-Bopp comet, a mayfly hatch, Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch and Gilbert White, and both Captain and Beryl Cook. There is a note of elegy, too, and  comments on the state of our countryside as well as suburban Plymouth.

Of his 2005 selection Reading a River, Matt Simpson commented that Norman Nicholson would have valued ‘a certain home-bred “gumption” in the book… There are many pleasures to be had from reading it’.  Malcolm Carson wrote of how the poetry ‘thrives in the seemingly insignificant event or observation often located in a particular landscape, which moves effortlessly through the intensity of the observation into our own experience’.  The selection had a ‘strong and musical voice’.

The Burnley-born and Northamptonshire-raised poet taught at Manchester University and lives in retirement in Plymouth; he edited the Thomas Hardy Journal and now edits the poetry magazine The Interpreter’s House.

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