The Scent Gallery

The Scent Gallery

by Christine McNeill

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978 1 907356 29 2


Quotes from Reviews of The Outsider:

“These empathic, deeply felt poems, with their sense of sacredness violated, are artistically done.”  Herbert Lomas, Ambit

“Christine McNeill’s The Outsider is eloquent poetry of witness, mainly to those who have lived through war or displacement in twentieth-century Europe… This and her previous collection, Kissing the Night, face evasions and handle complex stories and time lines with fierce grace… I cannot recommend The Outsider strongly enough.” Nancy Mattson, Critical Survey

“The lead poem, The Refugee, displays Christine McNeill’s high, finely-wrought talent.  She can evoke a scene, an attitude, an image in few and precisely chosen words.”