And Saturday is Christmas

And Saturday is Christmas

By Maurice Rutherford.

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ISBN: 978 1 907356 21 6

On This Day Dawning (Peterloo Poets, 1989):

“Rutherford’s is a totally original voice, sure, wide-ranging, very moving and arresting, as well as often being very funny.” Charles Causley

On Love Is A Four-Letter World (Peterloo Poets, 1994):

“What is refreshing about Maurice Rutherford is that he never uses poetry as something to hide behind. Therefore it is fortunate that his voice is generous and sympathetic.” Linda France, Poetry Review.

“…lack of pretension, intelligibility, good humour, sheer readability; this is poetry that doesn’t try to bully you with its smartness, baffle you with obscurity… It is so readable that it is easy to underestimate its skill, strength, sensibility and intelligence.” Eddie Wainwright, Envoi.

“Rutherford’s words are always apt for the occasion.” Ted Plantos (Canada), Iron.