Tightrope Dancer

Tightrope Dancer

By Judith Wilkinson

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978 1 907356 16 2

Judith Wilkinson is a poet and prize-winning translator. Tightrope Dancer is the first collection of her own poetry. Its title poem explores a woman’s journey within and beyond a relationship that is as creative as it is destructive and leads her to question the nature of the art that has inspired her. Language itself walks a tightrope here, inviting the reader to fill in the gaps between the stanzas, with their shifting points of view. Following a number of poems written from a perspective of solitude, the collection moves on to the paradoxes of another relationship, one that is both intimate and distant. The final poem celebrates a woman’s attempt to redefine herself.

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“‘Tightrope Dancer’ is a very powerful poem, superbly realised in the sustained circus metaphor, and I love the way it darts between first and third person. I read it greedily, over and over, heart pounding. This poem is wonderful. I think Judith Wilkinson has a very rare gift, and her technique is so well honed that you can scarcely notice it.”

Sylvia Kantaris

“Miss Williams acts out the poetry of Judith Wilkinson, which takes her mind back to her first love – the circus – and sees her transformed from a dowdy office worker to the star of the flying trapeze. Occasionally the Fringe throws up the odd nugget of gold and this writer believes that Circuit Breaker is one of them.”

The Courier, on the Kosh’s performance of ‘Tightrope Dancer’