The Road to Murreigh

The Road to Murreigh

By Paul McLoughlin

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 978 1 907356 17 9

The Road to Murreigh is an ambitious, sharply but affectionately observed sequence of poems, a journey into memories and meetings which between them compose a familial history able, perhaps, to withstand the depredations of time while acknowledging, in the words of the final poem, that “there are simple truths,/the ways of things that will not change,/that disappear.”

“Paul McLoughlin’s poems reveal a sensitive and imaginative reckoning of ‘felt life’…”
Peter Carpenter, Tears in the Fence

“Paul McLoughlin … traverses the possibilities for narrative verse with a strong feeling for the metaphysical.”
Other Poetry

“a subtle, understated music at work in the language … Resonance which works simply through tight but unobtrusive control and technique, and sensitivity to rhythm”