Goater’s Alley

Goater’s Alley

By Ruth O’Callaghan

Price: £9.00

ISBN: 1 907356 04 9

Praise for Goater’s Alley

Goater’s Alley offers what a strong narrative in the richly rewarding language of good poetry achieves: movement, delight, a mastered shuddering and a sweep of control and energy that is truly marvellous. The language is insinuatingly musical. A readable rush of a story in a warming and gracious embrace; an extraordinary success.”
John F. Deane

“Ruth O’Callaghan’s poetry has a rare ability to sustain the highest emotional and spiritual stakes. Every word takes the risk of meaning – and feeling – through both register and music. From scenes of European history to love-letters, from elegy to a country walk revisited, this is writing which dares to invest in itself. O’Callaghan’s ceremonies of verse are deeply personal, yet never hermetic. Instead, her engagement with experience, and the language in which to describe it, welcomes the reader into a poetic world of richly-coloured delights.”
Fiona Sampson
Chair, Poetry Review