The Shape of Us

The Shape of Us

By Clare Crossman

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ISBN: 1 907356 07 0

Praise for The Shape of Us

“Clare Crossman’s poems bear the hallmark of a poet who is sensitive to her environment. Her perceptions, filtered through a keen poetic imagination, are expressed beautifully in a language which invites us into her world and gives us new perspectives.”
John Lyons

“These poems, in Clare Crossman’s words, focus on ‘the details of sunshine and shadow’. She is interested in the minutiae of things, their colours and moods and shapes. The book is populated with ghosts–Edward Thomas, Eric Ravilious, the poet’s mother–but also a poignancy for what is lost. This is a lyrical and moving collection.”
Tamar Yoseloff

“The value Clare Crossman places on friendship, her alertness to “the texture of things”, to the particular weight of colour that she evokes, for instance, in ‘Sunflowers’, and her understanding that “the keeping of the seasons” falls to us come together to produce a poetry of unflinching celebration, whose quality can be seen in her elegy for the artist Lorna Graves:

   I have picked a bunch of alder and ash
   to mark a shape, catch once more your grit
   and buoyancy of air.”

Roger Garfitt

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