Poena Damni: Z213: Exit

Poena Damni: Z213: Exit

By Dimitris Lyacos

Price:   £9.95

ISBN: 1 907356 05 6

Translated by Shorsha Sullivan

Z213: EXIT marks the beginning of Dimitris Lyacos’ poetic trilogy Poena Damni. Written over the course of seventeen years, in reverse order, the present publication sees the trilogy’s completion. The last episode, The First Death, was the first to appear in 1996, followed by the second, Nyctivoe, in 2001.

The Poena Damni trilogy both straddles and crosses perceived boundaries of literary form – from the journal-like prose in Z213: EXIT, to the elliptical monologues of the distinctly dramatic Nyctivoe, to the pared down poetic idiom in The First Death.

Z213: EXIT provides the main axis for the narrative: from its description of the protagonist’s escape to a barren and distorted – but nonetheless real – world will emerge the grotesque ritual of redemption, enacted by the proles of Nyctivoe and, finally, the struggle of the mutilated hero on the island in The First Death.

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“When not providing the reader with mystifying dreams and poetic diversion, Lyacos offers up a vision of agony more terrifying than any fire and brimstone sermon. Z213 is not exactly beach reading.  But perhaps as an autumnal mood sets in, people may be ready to ponder what it feels like to be nothing.” ALLISON ELLIOTT, The Adirondack Review
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“If the translations of the poems are exact, these poems are light years beyond our contemporary poetics. Lyacos is a master craftsman steering his way through tons of immediate information. Get this book for all your up-to-date-friends who read experimental poetry
or read the master writers.” Irene Koronas, Wilderness House Literary Review
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