Shoestring’s Commons

Shoestring’s Commons

By John Lucas

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ISBN: 1 907356 01 8

‘This little book had its birth in a remark let drop by my friend, the poet Nadine Brummer. A couple of years ago she and I were chatting on the phone when – the context is lost – I quoted Lord Melbourne’s remark about people who prayed in private going, in his Lordship’s opinion, a damned sight too far. “You know”, Nadine said, “you should compile a Shoestring Diary from such quotations…”’
John Lucas

Shoestring’s Commons is an A-Z of sayings, quotations, poems and prose extracts, chosen for their ability to amuse, divert and – who knows? – instruct. It is intended in particular for all Shoestring authors and friends of the Press who have helped it to survive and even modestly flourish through fifteen years of publication history, during which it has seen into print more than 200 titles.

Among these have been translations from the Argentinean, from the Flemish, and in particular from the Greek, including work by Greece’s national poet, Solomos.

There have been novels, short stories, memoirs, literary criticism, and even a Walking Guide to the Greek Island of Aegina. But for the most part the press has devoted itself to publishing poetry, from slim pamphlets to weighty Collecteds. Books, as the Elizabethan poet Samuel Daniel remarked, enable us to confer “with who are gone,/And the dead living into counsell call.”

Shoestring’s Commons is offered in the spirit of friendly counsell.