Poppy in a Storm-Struck Field

Poppy in a Storm-Struck Field

By Lynne Wycherley

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ISBN: 1 097356 00 1

Lynne Wycherley’s new collection of poems is remarkable for the lyric intensity which has always distinguished her work, here augmented by new depths of feeling occasioned by the death from cancer of her mother.

Dark, however, as some of the poems are, they are balanced by an affirmation of life’s mysterious beauty in both its human and natural forms.

“Lynne Wycherley’s poetry is both subtly voluptuous and acutely observed.”
Poetry Nation Review

“Her technique is a perfected modernism; her eloquence achieved through the least of means. It is the architecture of the cathedral: such subtlety in stone; yet take away a single column, a single word, and the edifice collapses. But, unlike a cathedral, there is almost nothing of decoration: no ornament that might detract from perfection.”