Tradesman’s Exit

Tradesman’s Exit

By Michael Bartholomew-Biggs

Price: £8.95

ISBN: 1 904886 90 7

Tradesman’s Exit tests the links between who we are, what we do and why we are remembered. It mixes personal recollection with tributes to an array of master craftsmen in fields such as sport, music, film and literature. Along the way it looks affectionately at some of the 21st century’s endangered trades – and at what might supersede them.

Praise for Tradesman’s Exit:

“Bartholomew-Biggs has a particular gift for witty allusion … His wit, however, is coupled with judgement ”
Glyn Pursglove, Acumen
” … a poet of place and of references to a culture which washes over us – sometimes jolting our memories or suggesting something just beyond our knowing.” 
Barry Cole, Ambit