Life Class

Life Class

By Glyn Hughes

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ISBN: 1 904886 98 3

“…There seemed no place I’d stop in pursuit of feelings. But what you know is, in love you’re a different person, one that you hadn’t guessed you were, one maybe better or maybe worse, but clearly there are as many selves to be as there are loves…”

Life Class is an autobiographical poem covering the narrator’s beginnings as a worshipper of nature, later an organic gardener (before this was fashionable), living in cottages on the Pennines, and also some years in Greece. It covers his rural working-class roots and three marriages. The result is a magnificent poem by a major poet, notable for its keen attention to the natural world and accounts and circumstances of a life lived to the full.

Critical Praise:

“Hughes’s ability to touch on just the right nuance of feeling, in situations where the slightness of its manifestation belies its depth, is quite remarkable… It is Glyn Hughes’s achievement not only to have described his terrain with economy and accuracy, but to have expressed the spirit of it with a sensitivity which is masterly.”
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