Wild Amazement

By Michael Wilding

Price: £7.95

The spirit of the times had imposed certain aesthetic preferences upon us. We were not much into plot. We were less concerned with narrative and then with lack of narrative.

Then the Governor General dismissed the Prime Minister and suddenly plots and conspiracies were everywhere. Maybe not very well defined ones. But we were entering post-modern days, anyway. A sense of menace and the marshalling of dark forces.

Conspiracy replaced fiction in our preoccupations. It had all the plots that fiction had come to lack. It was fiction’s last hope. It irretrievably altered our world view, as drugs had done.

Indeed drugs, we soon deduced, came from the same source that brought you coups and conspiracies. And, perceiving symptoms of the secret state was not dissimilar from the symptoms of prolonged substance abuse.

Wild Amazement explores the shadowy interface of literature and politics, bohemian excess and a globalised control; from a traditional magic mushroom Australian Christmas to filming a television documentary in the pastoral heart of England; from an Oxbridge conference on masks and masking to deep suspicion in the Isles of Greece.

Michael Wilding’s Wild Amazement is a novel in a form of an autobiography and an autobiography in the form of a novel. It is a magnificent panorama of how we have come to live the way we live now.