Thurios and Patriotic Hymn by Rigas Velestinlis

Translated by George Dandoulakis

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ISBN: 1 904886 20 5

Thurios and Patriotic Hymn is not simply a poetic call to revolution, but also a political manifesto for the kind of new, free Greek State writer Rigas Velestinlis envisioned.

The poem’s significance lies in the fact that, apart from embracing the ideals of the French Revolution, it nowhere suggests that the liberation of Greece will be achieved through the help of the European powers. Instead, Velestinlis ground his hopes on the Greek Armed Forces of the Klephts and the Armatoloi.

Velestinlis (1757 to 1798), author of miscellaneous writings, including political pamphlets and maps, deserves a place next to Solomos and Kalvos as a true revolutionary and poet dedicated to the cause of Greece.

Thurios and Patriotic Hymn has been translated by George Dandoulakis.