The Weight of Cows

By Mandy Coe

Price: £7.95

ISBN: 1 899549 97 8

Praise for The Weight of Cows:

“Mandy Coe is exceptionally alive to the worlds around us and within us. Her work is characterised by passionate curiosity, startlingly accurate imagery and an unfailing sense of warmth and connection. This book is like a hall of mirrors which reflects not only the way things are but also the way they could be.”
Jean Sprackland

“There is a wealth of sensuous detail that is literally spell-binding… the poems are self-possessed and self-assured – the sort you immediately want to read out to people not just for the strength and marvellous accuracy of the language and their way of illuminating the world but also for the sheer pleasure of following each poem’s sure trajectory to a wholly satisfying ending, or to an ending that quirkily, artfully shifts your perspective.”
Matt Simpson

“Coe’s language is easy and vigorous; peopled with a wild collection of speakers.”
Stride Magazine