Take 5 – 2007

Price: £8.95

ISBN: 1 904886 66 5

This years Take Five differs from the previous four in the annual series published by Shoestring Press in that it features poetry in translation.

The distinguished poet and translator, Charles Tomlinson, has remarked that “Translation of poetry is, if it is any good, first and foremost poetry”.

Each of the five translators represented here is himself a well established poet…

Fred Beake (a trained classicist)

Peter De Ville (worked and taught for many years in Italy)

Jonathan Dunne (resident in Bulgaria)

Hamish Whyte (resident in Scotland and Young in France)

Augustus Young

…have collections of their own work in print.

As for the poets translated, these ranged widely to include Sappo and Theognis from ancient Greece, the Roman poets Cattullus and Martial, and nearer to our own time, Baudelaire, Brecht and the important Bulgarian poet Iana Boukova.

“Translation and can be seen as the activity of reading it carried to its logical conclusion”.

Ruth Fainlight

“The act of translation is an absolute central part of a culture of firming inclusiveness”.

Tom Paulin