Poena Damni: The First Death by Dimitris Lyacos

By Dimitris Lyacos

Price: £6.95

ISBN: 1 899549 43 0

Translated by Shorsha Sullivan

The First Death is the third book in the narrative trilogy Poena Damni. This English version has been translated by Shorsha Sullivan and includes illustrations.

Here’s what the critics have to say:

Jena Woodhouse of the International Herald Tribune: Kathimerini English Edition describes Dimitris Lyacos’s The First Death as:

“An apocalyptic vision…which evoke an impression of surrealistic meditations on mortality and physical and mental disintegration and decay. The imagery is dense and nightmarish, replete with sensations of hallucination, delirium, synesthesia and putrefaction. Insomnia and insanity stalk the mental landscapes of this poem.

“While…dominated by imagery of the infernal, it is (in its way) as skillfully articulated a vision of its theme as was Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights” in another time and in different terms. Balancing Lyacos’s labyrinth of shocking imagery there is the counterweight of intellectual stringency and spiritual austerity, so that the reader is invited to contemplate what is in effect an abstraction of horror.”

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From the Journal of Modern Greek Studies by reviewer Robert Zaller:

“The violence and intensity of Lyacos’s vision and the headlong energy of his verse compels attention.”

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