Lambros by Dionysios Solomos

Translated by Manos Georginis

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ISBN: 1 904886 27 2

Written and revised by Dionysios Solomos between 1824 and 1834, Lambros is a long poem set a few weeks before the Greek revolution.

The story describes how Lambros, a freedom warrior and a victim of his own personal choices, believes that “Somebody who does as he pleases” has trapped him and is leading him to destruction.

Lambros could be seen as Solomos’s Greek Orthodox answer to the ineluctable nature of classic tragedy or the exaltation of the rebel as a hero.

Dionysios Solomos (1798-1857) is Greece’s national poet. His major works, written during and after the Greek War of Independence, pivot around the themes of Freedom, the Greek Orthodox Faith and Motherland.

Solomos’s “Hymn to Liberty” (1823) became the Greek national anthem. Caught in the mainstream of European Romanticism, Solomos is a cross-cultural bridge, which spans 19th century Romantic Europe with the nascent Greek state.

Lambros has been translated by Manos Georginis.