Wayne Burrows

Wayne Burrows was born in Derbyshire, grew up in Mid-Wales, then lived in Sheffield and East London, where he worked mainly as an editor and freelance journalist. Recent publications include Wood & Ink (2013), The Holcombe Tarot (2014) and Black Glass: New & Selected Poems (2015). He has made animations and found-footage films and regularly fabricates exhibitions under the entirely fictional identity of the British collage artist Robert Holcombe.

Wayne Burrows published his first collection, Marginalia, with Peterloo Poets in 2001, and his work has featured in the British Council anthologies New Writing 12 (Picador, 2004) and NW15 (Granta, 2007), as well as the Forward anthology for 2002 and many magazines.

The Protein Songs, a sequence about genetics commissioned for use in Retina Dance Company’s Eleven Stories For The Body, Distance To Our Soul toured the UK and Europe over 2005-6 and Burrows is currently completing a book of ‘documentary fiction’ called Shrapnel and a novel set in the musical underground of the 1960s and 70s, provisionally titled Albany 6.

He writes regularly on visual and performing arts for Metro newspapers, reads for The Literary Consultancy, and took over the editorship of long-established literary magazine, Stable, in 2007.

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“Marginalia is a book about being in love in our increasingly weird world, transformed by the scientific view and the bombardments of the media. It’s exploring a new feeling of being human, registering the survival of love in spire of everything.”
Herbert Lomas, Ambit

“Wayne Burrows’ darkly complex poems typically take the form of richly realised meditations on physical transformation…the power of the genuinely surreal comes together here with a different kind o haunting (Dutch) painterly perspective.”
Times Literary Supplement

“I very much like the richness and originality and energy of this writing. This is real stuff of poetry.”
Myra Schneider

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