Toon Tellegen

Toon Tellegen is considered one of Holland’s finest poets and has received many awards. His tragicomic poems convey human predicaments with great economy and vitality, often rendering them in the form of dramatic stories and dreamlike events. Tellegen is also a well-known children’s book writer and novelist, and increasingly his work is appearing in translation.

“Tellegen’s poems are parables for grown-up children.  Their world is stripped down, urgent, playful, quirky, familiar as children’s games, yet strangely disorienting.  They induce a mini-millennial fever, the disquieting excitement of being about to pass through the needle’s eye.”

Philip Fried.

“Tellegen’s poetry is full of cheerful human misunderstanding.  With their fairytale speed, his poems encompass entire novels.“

Herman De Coninck.

Books by Shoestring Press:

A Man and an Angel (translated by Judith Wilkinson)

About Love and About Nothing Else (translated by Judith Wilkinson)