Ruth O’Callaghan

Ruth O’Callaghan is a Hawthornden Fellow who has been awarded a gold medal for her poetry at the XXX World Congress of Poets in Taiwan. She has read extensively in Asia, Europe and the USA. In 2011 she was invited to read in Chicago and the towns surrounding Lake Michigan, and in 2012 she completed a succesful TV/reading tour in New York and Boston. A visit to Mongolia, sponsored by the Arts Council, resulted in a book and C.D. in collaboration with Mongolian women poets.

“Ruth O’Callaghan’s poetry has a rare ability to sustain the highest emotional and spiritual stakes. Every word takes the risk of meaning – and feeling – through both register and music.”
– Fiona Sampson

Books by Shoestring Press:

The Silence Unheard

A Lope of Time

Goater’s Alley