Roy Marshall

Roy Marshall was born in 1966. At different times he has worked as a delivery driver, gardener and coronary care nurse. He now lives in Leicestershire with his wife Rachel and son Alex. A pamphlet, Gopagilla, was published in 2012. The Sun Bathers is his first full collection.

Of Gopagilla, Wayne Burrows remarked that the poems reveal “… an unforced lyricism, a layering and compression that gives a leaf, a breath, an overheard song or a single fleeting moment all the weight it needs to transcend itself.” And writing in Ink, Sweat and Tears, David Cooke commended the poems’ “minimalism and pitch-perfect cadences.”

“He understands what Edward Thomas understood: that a personal route is often the best of all possible routes to the universal … [Marshall] cares about writing poems that are vivid and moving, and has the exceptionally rare talent to bring this about.” — Rory Waterman

The Sun Bathers has been shortlisted for the 2015 Michael Murphy Memorial Award

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