Robert Etty

Robert Etty lives in Lincolnshire, where he worked for many years as a teacher in a secondary school. His poems have been widely published in literary magazines since the 1980s. He is the author of eight previous pamphlets and collections, including The Blue Box (Shoestring Press, 2001) and Half a Field’s Distance: New and Selected Poems (Shoestring Press, 2006).

“How attracted I am to the poems of Robert Etty. Its fairly familiar subject matter, I know, but each poem has a rhythm and a development that is new, and every now and then a swoop that lifts it, and catches my breath.”

Lynn Hughes

“Economy of language, the deft handling the form and rhyme, half rhyme and internal rhyme.”

Tears in the Fence.

“Sensuous evocative poems are, precisely located in time and the imagination.”

The Frogmore Papers

Books by Shoestring Press:

Planes Flying Over

Passing the Story Down the Line

A Hook in the Milk Shed

Half a Field’s Distance: New and Selected Poems