Peter Street

Peter Street was born in 1948 and at different times has been a head gardener, arborist, Mediterranean chef and an exhumer/gravedigger. Out of the Fire (Spike Books, 1993, nominated for that year’s Forward Prize for a first collection) was followed by Still Standing (Towpath Press, 1997), Trees Will Be Trees (Shoestring Press, 2001) and a set of poems to accompany paintings, 1987-2005, by the artist Tony Bevan, Turnpike Gallery, 2006.

“Peter Street… writes with a raw truthfulness, an eye (and ear) for telling detail, and an often startling memory of things felt in a rather frightening, yet fascinating past.”
Alan Brownjohn

Books by Shoestring Press:

Not Caild Fireweed Fa Nowt

Trees Will Be Trees