Peter Armstrong

Peter Armstrong lives in Tynedale and is director of training at the Newcastle Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Centre. He was awarded an Eric Gregory prize in 1984. His publications include Risings (1988); The Red Funnelled Boat (1998); The Capital of Nowhere (2003) and a pamphlet, Madame Noire (2012).

Critical praise for Peter Armstrong:

“the language is made into a real sculpture: this truly is authority at its least questionable”

Peter Porter on ‘The Red Funnelled Boat’ (Picador 1998).

“radiant and politically articulate meditations”

Don Paterson on ‘The Capital of Nowhere’ (Picador 2003).

Books by Shoestring Press:

The Book of Ogham

In Your Own Time

Madame Noire