Merryn Williams

Merryn Williams is the author of a number of works in prose, including Women in the English Novel, 1800 to 1900, The Watson’s, (Jane Austin’s novel completed), and, for children, Claire and Effie and she has also translated the poems of  Frederico Garcia Lorca.

Her previous collection of poems, The Latin Masters Story, was widely praised by many, including Peter Finch. Finch remarked in Planet that the book was “A thoroughly enjoyable read. Can’t put her down. How often does poetry do that for you…”. The reviewer in Tears in the Fence noted that “the collection deepens with re-reading, the poems are ambitious within their chosen forms… the craftsmanship and evocation of uncharted lives deserves great praise.”

Books by Shoestring Press:

Poems for the Year 2020 (editor)

Poems for Jeremy Corbyn (editor)

The First Wife’s Tale

The Georgians 1901-1930