May Ivimy

May Ivimy was born in Greenwich in 1912 and now lives in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. She is the founder and patron of Ver poets, and has received several awards for services to poetry including the Dorothy Tutin prize. She has been a member of the Executive Council of the Poets Society and has also served on the council of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists.

“The appetite for learning everything she could about the world was almost ferocious in the child May Ivimy. Reading provisioned her life in a basic way. Her trained and practiced ability to receive poetry above all nourished her as breathing brings enough air into our blood for us to live. Writing poetry, therefore, has been, and continues to be, precious lifeblood for her, and the poems she publishes are offered to readers to supply some of the energy and love from which they have been made.”

Jenny Joseph

“May Ivimy is one of  Blake’s daughters, her London streets so honestly limned, her Hertfordshire lane so clear in the morning light that for a moment she gives us her eyes, eyes that look up and see a tree filled with angels.”

Roger Garfitt

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