Lynne Wycherley

Lynne Wycherley was born on the edge of the Fens, and its haunting landscape is a feature of her early poems. After graduating in humanities, she read physiology and nutrition. She has worked in wildlife conservation, archaeology, and librarianship, including at Merton College. She is also a  health writer and lives by a nature reserve in the West Country.

Wycherley began writing poetry in 1995, and since then her scrupulously observed, sensuous and evocative poems have been widely published in most of the leading poetry journals and magazines.

Her first full collection At the Edge of Light was warmly received and quickly exhausted its print run.

“Her writing constantly looks for new ways to leave its point of origin … And this ‘splintered sight’ is particularly effective in the personae and bird-and-animal poems, in which displaced, longing or watching individuals are seen with moving insight.”
W.N. Herbert, Poetry London

“Hers is a poetry… of empathy and vision. Her poems trap light, and it is light that informs their unfolding. It is rare to find a collection so uplifting…”

“Wycherley’s magical, often profoundly wise poems.”
Tears in the Fence

North Flight is a compelling contribution to eco-poetry. It deserves to be widely read.”
Peter Abbs, Resurgence

Books by Shoestring Press:

Brooksongs & Shadows

Testimony of the Trees

Listening to Light: New and Selected Poems

Poppy in a Storm-Struck Field

North Flight