John Hartley Williams

Poet and writer, born 7 February 1942; died 3 May 2014 (obituary by John Lucas)

Of Spending Time with Walter
“(His) poems hold beauty and dread, humour and high seriousness. He has an impressive range of voice as well as technical ability.” Julian Turner, Poetry London.

Of Blues
Williams’ eighth collection opens with one of the finest elegies of modern times…Blues, united by a fierce belief in the music of language that, like the best of jazz, is joyfully anarchic and surrealist but never free of rules, may well be Williams’ best collection yet.” Paul McLoughlin, Critical Survey.

Of Café des Artistes
“Café des Artistes is an outstanding collection. Poem for poem it deploys (JHW’s) long-ago mastered technical powers to maximum effect: the formal suppleness, the one-off diction, the sly asides, the absurdist leaps and—despite its eclecticism—the sense of unity which comes from sustaining the underlying theme of productive estrangement.” Tim Liardet, Agenda

Books by Shoestring Press:

The Golden Age of Smoking

Assault on the Clouds

Wood & Ink