Hugh Mcmillan

Hugh Mcmillan teaches history in Dumfries and lives in Penpont.

The Scottish poetry scene seems to me crowded with excellence, but McMillan is unique in the angle and tone of his attack on the familiar. He orchestrates a voice often lost and spaced (out) or more literary alienated… He writes a stronger free or relaxed a formal verse and he can employ striking imagery where that is appropriate.”

Ian Dubig

“McMillan’s main qualities are evident even after a cursory reading: sharp humour, veering towards satire, and sometimes crossed with a frank romanticism which, at best, is touching. The poems have immediacy and an engaging lack of portentousness. They strike an authentic note, and are often pitched, as our responses to being alive are, between extravagance and cynicism.”

Gerry Cambridge

Books by Shoestring Press:

Strange Bamboo