Hubert Moore

Of The Hearing Room, Michael Thomas in Other Poetry says “The Hearing Room shows Hubert Moore’s powers of perception to be undimmed. As in its predecessor, Touching down in Utopia, Moore is by turns appalled by the excesses of humanity, touched by its capacity for unexpected affection and diverted by its idiosyncrasies. As Larkin says of Stevie Smith, he unearths and celebrates the poetic in situations which lesser poets – intent on obvious, large-print topics such as Love, Destiny and, most drearily frequent, Me – routinely ignore. Yes, he is there in all of these poems, but as a listener, an observer, a careful evaluator of his own and others’ experiences.”

Books by Shoestring Press:

Owl Songs

The Feeding Station

The Tree Line

The Bright Gaze of the Disoriented

Whistling Back