Fred Beake

Fred Beake¬†has been a modern romantic in a an age of realism. Always interested in Surrealism (he translated Desnos’ Night of Loveless Nights in his early Twenties) he has moved increasingly to an interest in the lyric and dramatic monologue in the 2000’s.
He has devoted himself to Poetry and translation since 1972 , while earning his living in a variety of ways (not least gardening), but is now retired. He grew up in rural Yorkshire and went to Tadcaster Grammar School. After not taking a degree in Afro Asian Studies at Sussex University he spent two years writing in a cottage on the edge of the North York Moors, before living in Bath  for thirty years. He moved to Torquay in 2003, where he is a member of both Torbay Poets and the Plymouth Language Group.

He started learning Classical Greek in his Forties and eventually took a Classics degree from Bristol University as a mature student. His version of Aristophanes’ Peace is published by Pennsylvania University Press. His versions from Classical Greek lyric appear in the 2007 Take Five (Shoestring Press). With Ravil Bukharaev he made the first translation into English of Kol Gali’s medieval epic The Story of Joseph (Global Oriental).

The Bees of the Horizon collects his translations from Modern French (Etruscan Books). He has reviewed regularly for Stand and Acumen. He edited the Poet’s Voice 1982-2000, featuring poets as different as Edward Boaden Thomas, Bill Griffiths and Sally Purcell; and also Mammon Press (publishing Brian Coffey, Jon Silkin, Saint Pol Roux, Sally Purcell, Jenny Johnson and Charles Hobday among others).

Recent publications: Towards the West, and Places and Elegies (Salzburg U.P.); and The Cyclops (Menard press). The University of Salzburg published a large Selected Poems The Whiteness of her Becoming in 1992. In 2006 Shearsman Books issued a substantial New and Selected Poems.

Books by Shoestring Press:

The Old Outlaw

Take 5 – 2007