Eugene Dubnov

Born in Tallinn, Eugene Dubnov spent his adolescent years in Riga and became a voluntary exile from the Soviet Empire in 1971. He studied Psychology at the University of Moscow and came to England in 1975 to do postgraduate research on the poetry of T.S.Eliot and Osip Mandelstam. From the mid-1980s to 2006 he collaborated with John Heath-Stubbs on translating Russian poetry for a comprehensive anthology spanning three centuries. Dubnov’s two volumes of verse in Russian appeared in London in 1978 and 1984; his poetry and prose in English translation and written in English have been published widely in periodicals in Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and elsewhere, as well as in several European and North American anthologies; nine of  his short stories have been broadcast on BBC Radio 3. His work has appeared also in German, Hebrew, and Spanish translation.

Books by Shoestring Press

The Thousand-Year Minutes