Douglas Houston

Douglas Houston was born in Cardiff, grew up in London and Glasgow and was awarded his PhD in Hull where he first came to notice as a poet in Douglas Dunn’s anthology A Rumoured City: New Poets from Hull (1982). He has appeared in countless anthologies and published four collections of poetry – With the Offal Eaters (1986), The Hunters in the Snow (1995), The Welsh Book of the Dead (2000) and Beyond the Playing Fields: New and Selected Poems (2010). Last Poems is a posthumous collection which brings together poems, most of them unpublished, which Houston wrote between 2010 and his untimely death.

Critical Praise

“Douglas Houston is an Auden-like artificer of great accomplishment.”
Peter Porter, Observer, October 1986

“By sheer quantity of good poems, memorable poems, Offal Eaters marks Douglas Houston as a new poet of substance.”
North, 1987

“A poet of striking significance in our time.”
M. Wynn Thomas, Acumen, 1995

“A poet of landscape and of literature itself, of wild humour and humbling candour. We’re lucky to have him.”
Sean O’Brien, cover note, Welsh Book of the Dead, 2000

Books published by Shoestring Press:

Last Poems

Beyond the Playing Fields: New and Selected Poems