Derrick Buttress

Derrick Buttress was born in 1932 in Nottingham and has always lived there. He studied English at the University of York as a mature student. Later, he taught in a comprehensive school until his retirement.

His poems have been widely published in magazines and journals as well as being broadcast on BBC Radio 4.  He is the author of two plays for TV and several for radio. Several have won prizes in national competition. Two of his plays “CONNIE” and “HAPPY” were transmitted on Television on BBC 2. Several were produced for AFTERNOON THEATRE on Radio 4.

In 2004, Shoestring Press published his comic, ruefully affectionate memoir of the early life at the Nottingham council estate, Broxtowe Boy, to widespread acclaim and has established itself as a minor classic, and three years later the same publisher brought out the sequel, Music While You Work.  Buttress is also the author of three collections of poetry: Spiking the Boss’s Gin, Mosaic (1998), Waiting for the Invasion (2002), and My Life as a Minor Character (2005), all from Shoestring Press. His collection, Waiting for the Invasion, was warmly received.

Waiting for the Invasion is a rarity among collections of contemporary verse in that it is beguilingly readable from start to finish.”

“I felt completely at ease with Derrick Buttress’s Waiting for the Invasion. It scarcely put a foot wrong… It is the world not a spit away from Alan Sillitoe’s Saturday Night and Sunday Morning which largely occupies Buttress, and is recreated in all its down-at-heel, impoverished, unfailingly good-humoured and sometimes hilarious reality.”

Books by Shoestring Press:

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Music While You Work

My Life As A Minor Character