Daniel Samoilovich

“Much poetry written in the various Romance languages shares at tendency to grandiosity and generalisation which Daniel Samoilovich avoids with great skill. I feel sure his work will appeal to English readers – and this well chosen, translated and produced selection presents the ideal opportunity to discover this fine poet.”

From the Introduction by Ruth Fainlight

“In the nineties, in his forties, by means of his own poetic experience and his contribution to that of his peers, Daniel Samoilovich helped Argentina’s poetry lift out of the stagnation of political literature and step into a new creative stage. His poetry does not deny the past but builds on it, develops fresh ideas while acknowledging that there was a creative enterprise that was devastated by the brutality and cruelty of military dictatorship in the 70s. Samoilovich on uncovers old themes and gives them renewed force as he develops a poetry of intellect and feeling.”

From the Preface by Andrew Graham-Yooll

Books by Shoestring Press:

Driven by the Wind and Drenched to the Bone