Clare Brant

After a nomadic childhood Clare Brant settled south of the north pole, in Oxford, where she lives with assorted beings including a poet’s dog, a deerhound.

She teachers in the English Department at King’s College London, where she is a Senior Lecturer. Her academic publications include a big book on eighteenth-century letter-writing, Eighteenth-Century Letters and British Culture (Palgrave, 2006), three co-edited essay collections and numerous articles on literature, culture and gender.

Her next book is about ballooning in the eighteenth century – part history of flight, part a study of aerial imagination. She is also writing about life underwater: the magical life-forms of marine organisms; the beauty of marinescapes, and cultural histories of humans under the sea, including herself.

Books by Shoestring Press:

Breathing Space

Accidentals in the Main

Dark Egg

Entering Sleep Mode