Christopher Southgate

Christopher Southgate has been a research scientist, a house-husband, a bookseller, and a mental health Chaplain. He lives on Dartmoor and lectures at Exeter University on the relationship between science and religion.

In 1997 Salzburg published his A Love and its Soundings, a verse biography of TS Eliot. Frances Young, writing in Reviews in Religion and Theology, called this “a work of extraordinary originality and generative power”.

Reviewing Beyond the Bitter Wind (Shoestring Press, 2000), R. V. Bailey called Southgate “a contemporary poetic voice without contemporary pretensions” and concluded that “he inhabits the 21st century without letting it get the better of him” (Envoi). The strength of his work was recognised through its inclusion in Oxford Poets 2004 (Carcanet).

Books by Shoestring Press:

Chasing the Raven

A Gash in the Darkness

Easing The Gravity Field: Poems of Science and Love