Christopher Salvesen

Christopher Salvesen was born in Edinburgh in 1935. He was brought up in a Dumfriesshire, did National Service in Germany, and went to Oxford University.

He published Floodsheath: From a Parish History (Whiteknights, Press Reading)  in 1974 and Among the Goths (Mariscat Press, Glasgow) in 1986. He is represented in The Faber book of 20th-Century Scottish Poetry. He is the author of the Landscape of Memory, a study of Wordsworth’s poetry, and has edited a selection of William Hazlitt’s essays.

In the 60s and 70s, he was an art reviewer for the New Statesman and The Listener. From 1962 he was a lecturer in English literature at Trinity College Dublin, and then at the University of Reading where he became Professor of English in 1972. He is married with four daughters.

“The Floodsheath is first class… He insists, coolly and impressively, that the best way to approach the general is through the well-observed particular… What is more important is that he can do it: he can describe and deduce from the description and get the right cadence. An excellent first book.”

P. J. Kavanagh, The Guardian

“Salversen’s achievement is to mythologise personal history… We have to achieve Salversen joins the small band of poets whose distinction it has been to produce excellent first books.”

Peter Porter, The Observer

“Christopher Salvesen’s poems in Among the Goths are meals in themselves. There is an 18th-century flavour about his writing, at taste for antiquity, combined with an elegant, discursive style.”

Robin Bell, Books in Scotland

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